Accountability Partner Program

Accountability Partner Program

6 months of accountability, support and encouragement.

This coaching package is especially for you when you just need someone in your corner cheering you on – I’ve got your back!

  • Maybe you’re working towards some long-term goals, or you’ve started a new fitness routine or you’re finally embarking on that creative project you’ve been putting off forever?!
  • Maybe you’re trying to break some long standing bad habits, negative thought processes or addictions, such as smoking, and would like support to deal with any resistance that arises?
  • Perhaps you’re going through some big shifts and healing in your life, and would like someone to check in on you every week to see how you are feeling?
  • Need someone to help to keep you motivated, encourage you and celebrate your wins along the journey?
  • Someone to bounce your creative ideas off, get feedback and helpful tips to help you reach your goals?
  • Someone who can be there even after you have accomplished what you set out to, so that you don’t fall back into your old ways..


If any of this resonates with you, book an Expansion Call to discuss how we can work together to ensure you keep on track toward a positive win.

Accountability Partner Overview:

  • 6 months of ongoing support
  • Initial 40min video Expansion Call + Separate On-boarding call
  • 1 x 20min Check-In video or phone call per week (24 calls in total)
  • Direct email access (Up to 24hr response time)
  • Access to all relevant resources and support!


Working together in this way I’ll get to share in your journey, and become your “buddy” – checking in on you to see how your doing and to give you the encouragement and support you need when you need it.

Accountability Partner

Firstly, good on you for taking the first steps towards making positive change in your life, I commend you.

We all need accountability in our life at times to help us stick at our decision to try something new. I mean just look at the success rate of new years resolutions!

God knows I’ve started with something many times, and even if I was passionate about it, for one reason or another I would find myself going back to what was comfortable because of insecurities etc, whether it was quitting smoking, practicing to become a “superstar” DJ, or learn to speak a second language.

That’s the thing, so much “wasted” potential. I sometimes wish I could go back to my former self and say “hey! get it together bro, don’t give up!” – But we all know, many times its simply a case of life getting in the way..

So that’s why I’ve created this light hearted partnership program to keep you going even if your enthusiasm begins to wain and you’re contemplating on “skipping a session or two” at the gym, or avoid picking it up to “add another chapter,” or “just have one” cigarette, because it won’t “hurt anyone”.

(Please keep in mind, if you are really struggling with addictions, this service does not replace your doctor’s care or other specialized support groups or therapy sessions.)


Together we’ll work on releasing any resistance or procrastination that arises and continue to stoke the fire burning within you so you become an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. We’ll explore forgiving yourself for any setbacks and cultivate balance so as to avoid overwhelm or setting yourself up for failure.

I’d love to support you in overcoming old habits and addictions when all you want to do is give up. To support you to get that next chapter written or painting finished, to get to your yoga sessions even in the middle of winter when you just want to snuggle up by the heater. And I’d love to witness you achieving all your wildest dreams.

It’s time to follow your passion, put all your excuses aside, gather your courage and go for gold!


Results-Based Guarantee:

I guarantee that when you commit to our life coaching program and actively participate in the process, and show meaningful willingness to step up in your life, you will see tangible and transformative results.

If, after completing any of your coaching packages, you do not experience the improvements and positive changes you were seeking, I will provide you with additional coaching sessions at no extra cost until you do.

I am dedicated to your success, and this guarantee reflects my unwavering commitment to helping you unlock your full potential, overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

Your satisfaction and progress are my top priority, and I stand by my coaching expertise, so take the first step towards a better, more fulfilling life with confidence, knowing that your investment is backed by this results-based guarantee.


Get in touch with me today for a supportive coaching experience and let’s set some new positive habits and ensure you follow through on what you set out to achieve, so you get to feel the thrill of all of your amazing accomplishments in this life.

“All our dreams can come true if
we have the courage to pursue them.”

― Walt Disney

Disclaimer: This is not a counseling service and I make no claims or promises for any results or specific healing outcomes by you working with me in any capacity.
If you have been diagnosed with clinical depression, anxiety and other mental health issues, please continue to consult with professional physicians. Life Coaching does not take the place of trained medical and psychology services.