High Intensity – Extreme Impact Mentoring

High Impact Mentoring

1 month of high intensity coaching and mentoring.

This coaching package is especially for you if you’re a high achiever wanting to break through to higher levels of productivity and success.

  • Are you a heart centered entrepreneur looking for high level business and mindset coaching, and strategies for success?
  • Perhaps you’ve plateaued in some area of your professional life such as career progression, work/life balance, relationships with colleagues are strained – and you need a major breakthrough?
  • Want someone to run some ideas by or brainstorm together with for a project you’re working on? Or need some career coaching?
  • Its crunch time and gotta pull out the big guns to get over the line?!
  • Need to put a stop to negative self-sabotaging beliefs, doubt and such behaviors as procrastination fast? You’ve got this!
  • Searching for the latest transformational tools to assist in rapid change to get you in the ‘zone’ to crush your goals!
  • You’re a self motivated, goal orientated “go-getter” with a lot of passion and purpose, but find it difficult to manage your time effectively, or follow through on projects to completion?


If any of this resonates with you, book an Expansion Call to discuss how we can work together towards smashing your biggest goals.

High Intensity-Extreme Impact Overview:

  • 1 month ongoing support
  • Initial 1 hour Strategy Session + Separate On-boarding call
  • 2 x 40min Mentoring video calls per week (8 calls in total).
  • Access to all my top resources and support!
  • Exclusive discounts on any group coaching, webinars/courses and retreats.


Exclusive Mentoring Package Inclusions:

As a mentoring client, you’ll receive exclusive VIP inclusions beyond the standard packages:

  • Priority scheduling (Bulk scheduling and additional flexibility).
  • Priority phone support (approx. 4hr reply-time to sync a call), ask anything on the phone and I’ll help as best I can (Up to 10mins total talk time per month).
  • Priority email support, ask questions or send updates.
  • Daily (optional) accountability/follow up emails.
career success - hire a life coach

Working together in this capacity is really about leveling up. You already have all the answers you seek, and my job is to draw that out in times when you need it most. Sometimes we begin to doubt and second guess ourselves.

The pressures of life and high societal expectations can cause us to lose sight of the unlimited power we have inside us to literally create all the success we desire. Oftentimes it just takes someone else to remind you of your brilliance, to believe in you when you have forgotten, and to reawaken the LION WITHIN.

Having a coach in your corner can make all the difference in your life.

Our time together will be highly focused. We will address the issues at hand, and go to work on shifting your mindset and energy to bring you back to the present moment where you can tap into your power and experience breakthroughs to new realms of possibility. Whether its high performance coaching, career coaching or small business coaching, we’ve got this!

We’ll discuss and brainstorm high-level strategies in any areas of life you need, in combination with my decades of business, health and relationship success, mapping out your next steps to help you move forward and “own” any situation or challenge.

Using the latest in “change” technology we’ll bust through old programing or unhealthy habits that has kept you stuck and do not serve you, so you can embody your happy, healthy and successful future self.

It’s time to trust your instincts, to put yourself out there and make some bold moves!


Results-Based Guarantee:

I guarantee that when you commit to our life coaching program and actively participate in the process, and show meaningful willingness to step up in your life, you will see tangible and transformative results.

If, after completing any of your coaching packages, you do not experience the improvements and positive changes you were seeking, I will provide you with additional coaching sessions at no extra cost until you do.

I am dedicated to your success, and this guarantee reflects my unwavering commitment to helping you unlock your full potential, overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

Your satisfaction and progress are my top priority, and I stand by my coaching expertise, so take the first step towards a better, more fulfilling life with confidence, knowing that your investment is backed by this results-based guarantee.


Get in touch with me today for an extreme impact coaching experience that will transform your current paradigm and radically shift what you thought possible for your life.

“Nothing stops the man who desires to achieve. Every obstacle is simply a course to develop his achievement muscle. It’s a strengthening of his powers of accomplishment.”

― Thomas Carlyle

Disclaimer: This is not a counseling service and I make no claims or promises for any results or specific healing outcomes by you working with me in a mentoring and coaching capacity.
If you have been diagnosed with clinical depression, anxiety and other mental health issues, please continue to consult with professional physicians. Life Coaching does not take the place of trained medical and psychology services.